Why Your Real Estate Agency Needs A Digital Consultant

How To Build A Digital Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agencies

Why Your Real Estate Agency Needs A Digital Consultant People are consuming more and more of their content online, and with more than 65% of the population having an online presence, your potential client is among them. With the average person spending nearly 4.5 hours a day on digital media, it’s time to meet them where they are. How can you do that?

Why Your Real Estate Agency Needs A Digital Consultant

The first way to combat this is by developing a digital marketing strategy. Whether your agency is part of an independent brokerage or a broker-owned company, the structure of your marketing will largely depend on who you work for. I’ll talk about how you can leverage your brokerage’s resources to build a digital marketing plan for your real estate business. Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy Deciding to develop a digital marketing plan requires some upfront work. Your agency can’t just drop some Google AdWords ads on Facebook and expect results. Instead, you need to spend time researching the marketing tactics of successful real estate companies, as well as using data to understand your audience.

Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that you know why you need a digital marketing consultant, you have to consider whether you have the tools, processes, and experience to successfully implement and execute a digital marketing strategy. Your target audience is highly educated, tech savvy, and not as detached as most would think. There’s a reason they are spending so much time on digital media and social media in particular. What is their time consuming, yet lucrative occupation? Home buying and selling. But how can you craft a digital marketing strategy that engages them, even though they are already busy? People buy and sell homes from a variety of places – the internet, real estate websites, social media, and more.

Understanding Your Audience

One of the biggest challenges for every business in the digital age is creating the right marketing strategy for your target audience. Most businesses focus their efforts in the wrong places, wasting the efforts of a major portion of their audience. This could be all the time and energy you spend on someone that your audience won’t even know about, let alone be interested in. Your digital marketing strategy should focus on creating content that you want to have a direct influence on your target audience. Not only should your content have value to your audience, but you should also create content that is the best fit for your audience. Your content marketing strategy should be based on the best possible fit for your target audience, and the best possible fit for you.

Building and Executing Your Real Estate Strategy

A well-thought-out digital marketing strategy can be a good answer. The main challenge is putting together a plan. It’s important to remember that digital marketing isn’t one size fits all, so in order to be successful, you need to be very deliberate in how you execute. Creating a digital marketing strategy can be intimidating, but you can achieve something that is on par with the best digital marketing practices. It’s just that there are many factors to consider. How to Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy The first thing you need to do is understand what your target market is doing online. In order to make your strategy effective, it’s important to be familiar with the content, tools, and methods your target market is using.

Measuring Your Success

What matters most is that you know where you stand.


Building a brand online and through your business is very much a part of real estate today. It’s not just the way that consumers interact with you, but also the way that they interact with your competitors. A new approach to real estate marketing is needed, and this approach begins with you, the property owner.


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