Top Three IDX Solutions For Real Estate Brokers MLS Listing

Real estate is a complex industry. With so many moving parts, it can get difficult for real estate brokers to manage their services. Reliable real estate software that can ease the functioning of real estate brokers and others in the real estate industry is the order of the day.

Enter MLS or Multiple Listing Service, a suite of services that allow brokers to make contractual offers. It facilitates better networking amongst other brokers as well. In case you were wondering, here are the top three MLS listing software for 2018.

Diverse Solutions

Diverse Solutions boasts of having the largest MLS coverage in the US. The main highlight of the service is its impressive 700+ IDX feeds that are continuously growing, along with the provision of industry-leading MLS platform. Diverse Solutions offers a free trial for their WordPress IDX, but you are going to need the right combination of SEO solutions to really capture leads and close deals.

This is where the services of SMG can help with its ability to create functional websites on MLS platforms. Diverse Solutions is currently offering two service packages WordPress IDX and Mapping IDX. WordPress IDX is available in two monthly packages

  • Basic Package -$39/ month
  • Pro Package – $69/ month
  • Mapping IDX – $109 / month($999/year)

While the WordPress IDX package is only compatible with WordPress, the Mapping IDX package is compatible with all websites. The best part is, free trials are available for both packages.

IDX Broker

IDX Broker is another custom IDX service provider that allows real estate brokers to search an extensive list of properties. According to the team behind IDX Broker, the service has been designed to collect, maintain and organize local MLS listings, so that real estate brokers are able to display all MLS properties on their real estate website.

The main selling point with IDX Broker Lite is that it allows more out-of-the-box widgets, with unlimited map results. While in the IDX Broker Platinum package, users will get to take advantage of more powerful saved linked functionality and the ability to customize the email signature as shown in the property update emails of your leads.IDX Broker offers two packages:

  • IDX Broker Lite – $39.00/month
  • IDX Broker Platinum – $59.99/month


iHomefinder is a leading provider of real estate search technology, using Internet Data Exchange, which enables it to power thousands of real estate websites. Apart from its MLS system for real estate professionals, iHomefinder also offers technical compliance and consulting services to marketing companies who are in search of real estate listing data in the US and Canada.

The service allows local real estate brokers to implement a custom design and public interface on their existing IDX website, providing real estate brokers with the ability to showcase their brand and attract more clients. There’s also a bulk data API that allows brokers to get instant access to a complete set of listing data from their MLS system. iHomefinder offers multiple packages for its clients which include;

  • OmniPress Pro Agent – $49.95/month
  • OmniPress Power Agent – $59.95/month
  • OmniPress MarketBoost with Eureka Search – $99.95/month
  • OmniPress MarketBoost Prime with Eureka Search – $144.95/month

Setup is free for the first three packages.

Ending Note

It’s important for websites running MLS software to have a monthly maintenance package to ensure their websites remains online. If you are looking to integrate MLS software with a new or existing website, then Smg. SEO Made Great is the right company for the job. To find out more details visit We have experience working with all three MLS platforms. If you are a real estate broker in need of MLS listings in las vegas,


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