We partner with Animal Foundations, Wildlife Preservation Organizations, and many more Community Charities.

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Build a fostering community with SEO Made Great.

Apply today for a free non-profit website. Smg. works with you to create a cohesive branding experience. Building a community is important, having a complimenting website goes a long way.

Pet adoption just got a little easier.

Everyone holds a special spot in the heart for rescued animals, We want to help all the animals we can find a home. Work with us to create a full-fledged adoption website. Allowing people to request more information on a certain animal up for adoption.

We want to help preserve our wildlife.

Smg. are supporters of your cause, providing free web design and branding strategies for non-profits is our way of giving back. If your organization assist in preserving, rescuing and or planting trees we want to help you in any way we can.

Running for a cause.

Do you have a yearly event or perhaps a one-time charity event? If you are in need of a quick event landing page. Smg. wants to support your cause. Get in contact with us so we can discuss details, apply today.

We build simple, smart websites

With some many other areas of focus, your non-profit website, marketing plan and website hosting may the last thing on your mind. Especially if your non-profit does not have the resources or technically savvy team members to maintain it. This is how Smg. wants to give back to those making huge impacts on our communities and environments.

Whether you are building your non-profit website from scratch or simply need a website redesign. SEO Made Great will provide your non-profit with a free website, branding guideline and complimentary website management. Here's the catch, you maintain a yearly website hosting agreement with us.

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