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We're SEO Experts designing experiences that deepen the relationship between your audience and your brand. We provide our clients with enterprise level web hosting. Get dedicated resources from our cloud network powered by Google. 

Need a website?

You want a great website but you don't have time to build it yourself. We get it, Smg. maintains your website and provide basic maintenance included.

Stay with the times

We work with all of the leading companies including Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Vultr. Cloud servers are faster and more secure.

We Host On The Cloud

Partnering with Small Businesses

Shared website hosting is a thing of the past. In todays digital world you need a fast, secure and reliable web host that provides all of the features needed to competitive, grow and build your business. So what is cloud hosting exactly?  In typical server configurations, you’re limited to the physical constraints of the server your site is hosted on. With cloud hosting, you rely on a unique server configuration that lets you pull from multiple different servers.

So why is that important? it allows for optimal website speeds and more unique visitors to your WordPress website as search engine tend to love faster loading websites. Previously only large enterprise business could afford cloud hosting. Smg is here to change this for the mom and pop businesses. 

If you are looking for a new website developer and or website host, we can assist with both. Not only can we manage, develop and host your WordPress website we provide basic SEO tactics as a standard! simply put if your competitors are not with the times we are going to win!


Most frequent questions about Managed WordPress

Yes, you will have full access to your WordPress website.

We provide all websites with Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. Smg. provides other layered security measures complimentary. 

That is a mystery to some degree. Depending on your market, brand size and competition will all play factors. We work in your best interest to find the best solution for your business. 

Yes, we provide payment plans on all web development plans. Monthly limits may be applied*